"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has though."
(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)



  ● A well planned conception, the parent's health and education, the prenatal nutrition of the mother, the proper early post-natal stimulation in a lovely family environment, as well as breastfeeding during the first weeks of the baby are considered as the key factors to increases the IQ in a baby.

● Parents spend an absolute fortune on educational toys for their children, yet there is nothing more important, that you will ever do in your child's life, than to help him build the best possible brain that he can during your pregnancy

● The prenatal stimulation not only is important to help in the brain development and intelligence's baby but also provides a lasting foundation for loving communication and parent-child relationships.

● Babies stimulated and their families usually show more intense ties and greater family cohesion. Therefore research and education should be available to all members of society in order to improve the cognitive development of children worldwide.

● Children who have high-esteem are usually happier and more successful. It is common to find low esteem in children who are performing badly at school, suffer depression, have behavioral problems or are being judged harshly at home.

● Early stimulation of reading always works to one degree or another. Even if you do a poor job of teaching, your child will still learn more than if you had done nothing. This is a win-win situation. You will always develop his intelligence to a greater extent than if choose not to engage with your child at all.

● The gift of math literacy is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. By teaching this valuable skill, you not only equip your child with a selfassurance in their mathematical ability leading to greater self-esteem, but also with the ability to reason and problem solve effectively.